Member Resources

Welcome to SIM Boston! Now that you have finalized your SIM Boston membership, there are a number of resources, networking and ideas sharing opportunities available to you. The Frequently Asked Questions and Networking Tips below are intended to help you jump start the value you get from your membership.

Member Access

To ensure that our members have as many opportunities as possible to reach out to other members to connect, ask questions and get advice, we have created several Members Only email and LinkedIn groups.  Just access the group page and request to be added.  Group membership will be approved as quickly as possible (typically within a week) for those who qualify.

Linked In – Unlisted Group

This is a great place to make connections and start a conversation with all SIM Boston members.  You can also use this as a place to share information about events and programs that would benefit other members.

CIO Roundtable – Google Group

This email group is for SIM Boston members that are CIO’s or the most senior IT leader within their organization.  This group is very active and is a great place to ask for advice on a variety of topics.

Technology Leadership Roundtable – Google Group

This email group is for any SIM Boston member that has an interest in topics faced by Technology Leadership.  You do not have to attend Technology Leadership Roundtable events to benefit from being part of this group.  It is a great way to learn what was discussed at Roundtable events, continue those conversations, ask your own questions, and seek advice.

Social Media

For information on upcoming events and to view pictures and updates on recent events, be sure to follow us on Linked In and Twitter.

Linked In

This is a great place to get updates on upcoming events and the latest news.  Help us expand our network by sharing information with your own connections.


Here your can get informed of what is going on at SIM Boston as well as share your own pictures, thoughts and experiences.  Be sure to share information on upcoming events to your Linked In followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIM all about?

A core goal of the chapter is to offer opportunities for leaders in technology to network, share ideas, and learn together.

How do I register for a meeting or event?

Unless otherwise specified, you can sign up for any chapter meeting on the SIM Boston website,, generally it’s easiest to follow a registration link on an email announcing the meeting or event.

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Networking Tips

Buddy Up: Reach out to other members of the chapter that you know and plan to meet them at the meeting. Having a couple of people you know well enough to talk to can take the pressure off.

Be Curious: Our members represent very diverse businesses. Be curious about the kinds of business problems others are trying to solve. You never know where the inspiration for a great idea will come from.

Volunteer: Sometimes having a purpose can make you more at ease. Contact the organizer of the meeting and see if they need help with anything. Arranging name placards, greeting people as they come in, and providing instruction or directions are all small things that can help make a meeting go smoother, and give you a reason to interact with others.

Ask For Advice: If there is something you think you could learn, don’t hesitate to ask for advice. “What would you do differently?” or “What were some of the reasons the project succeeded?”

Talk About a Recent Project: We can all benefit from stories of projects that succeeded or failed. Passing on experiences helps us all learn, and can provide valuable context.

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