Technology Leadership Roundtables

Practitioners Roundtables offer vice presidents and directors, typically reporting to a CIO, a chance to learn from each other’s experiences. Alongside other senior managers, you’ll build your professional network, while developing your overall IT skills. The forum also offers you a chance to work through pressing technology issues.

Though these events mirror the CIO Roundtables, Practitioners Roundtables are unique because participants come from both the infrastructure and the applications areas of IT.

Eligible chapter members are invited to attend these invitation-only programs covering a variety of topics. Typically, events begin at 1:30PM at a Boston SIM member’s company and are hosted by an IT senior manager. Four roundtables are held each year.

Typical Program Schedule

  • Presentation by a senior manager or invited guest
  • Discussion with the presenter and as a group
  • Refreshments and dinner
  • Networking

Cost is $100/meeting.