Member Career Development Meetings

SIM is the premier network for IT leaders and a key benefit of membership in Boston SIM has always been the opportunity to network with your peers. As part of the effort to support our members, we have instituted a Member Career Development (formerly Members in Transition) program to assist:

  • Members currently in transition;
  • Members likely to be in transition in the near future;
  • Members who think it may be time to consider a transition to a new opportunity;
  • Members who are looking for new opportunities and growth.

Our MIT members have the option to sign up for the MIT Yahoo Jobs group and the MIT LinkedIn subgroup to SIM – Connect.

SIM Boston offers a Topical Breakfast series of meetings that includes the type of activity you would expect at a Professional Employment Network. Our intention is that every meeting, held the first Thursday of each month, will feature a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who will speak on topics relevant to MITs. Our breakfast meetings have been well-received by all who have attended!

Attendees should come to these meetings prepared to share their own recent search activities and their search activities coming up in the next 30 days, any specific ways other members can help them, and ways that they can help others. Attendees should be prepared to deliver and critique 30-second interviews (“elevator pitches”).

These meetings are open to all SIM Boston members, not just MIT members. We encourage anyone willing to be a “Helper” (e.g. willing to help our MIT’s to network, share leads, etc.), and those of you who may be considering, or may soon need to consider, a new career opportunity, to join us. Remember, space will be limited, so please reserve a spot for yourself early (MIT’s will be given priority for space).

Cost to attend if you are currently employed will be just $10 (please bring cash or a check with you to the meeting). These breakfasts will be cost optional to MITs.

To make this possible, we have asked staffing and search vendor SIM members to host these and to provide us with the SME.

If this group is of interest to you or if you have any questions about it, please contact Tracy Cashman at or Sue Bergamo at