Member FAQ

What is the different between the and the sites?
The site is specifically about the Boston chapter, and is geared toward information sharing. The site is the national SIM site, and is where all member transactions take place (renewals, registrations, etc.) this is also where you can search the national members database.

How big is SIM nationally?
SIM has over 35 chapters across the country and members internationally… we have about 5000 members total.

How big is SIM locally?
Boston has the largest chapter in SIM with over 400 members, representing about 300 different companies.

What is SIM all about?
A core goal of the chapter is to offer opportunities for leaders in technology to network, share ideas, and learn together.

How do I register for a meeting or event?
Unless otherwise specified, you can sign up for any chapter meeting on the SIM National website,, generally it’s easiest to follow a registration link on an email announcing the meeting or event.

Where are meetings held?
Monthly Meetings are generally held in fixed generally centralized locations, roundtables and other types of meetings may vary based on a member volunteering to host.

How can I get a meeting to come closer to where I work or live?
Volunteer to host a round-table, or get active in one of the meeting / roundtable meeting committees.

Do you have to be a woman to attend a SIM Women event?
No, SIM Women events are open to all.

Can I bring a guest to a meeting?
Any member in good standing may bring a qualified prospect for the chapter to a meeting one time, there is no limit to the number of qualified guests that a member may bring.

How do I join the SIM LinkedIn community
Contact one of the membership co-chairs

How do I join one of the SIMBoston online communities?
Contact one of the co-chairs for the roundtable you wish to join, they will send you out an invite if you are qualified.

How do I learn more about the chapter?
Attend one of the new member orientations, or watch a recorded one here:

Does everyone already know each other?
No, actually, we have a healthy influx of new members every year, ask around most members have been with the chapter for less than 4 years.

I need to build my network, what’s the best way of doing that?
Participate… Find a committee to contribute to, volunteer your time and skills to benefit the chapter, it’s other members and it’s outreach partners.