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September 21, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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Member Career Development Webinar – September 21st 12:00-1:00pm

In this webinar, Frank Wander, CEO and Founder of and former turnaround CIO and author of Transforming IT Culture, will share a proven recipe that unlocks IT organizational effectiveness.  After leading five turnaround transformations, Wander learned that building a high performing culture matters more than either process or technology.   Find out how to make program/project failure a relic of the past.

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In this interactive career development talk, attendees will learn:

  1. How to Design a High Performing Culture – culture enables or destroys productivity by enhancing or stifling teamwork, collaboration and innovation. Since IT is the product of many minds, without meaningful collaboration, projects fail and innovation suffers. Attendees will learn the art of cultural design, and why using both engagement and enablement are the keys to unlock the full potential of their workforce.
  2. The Human Factors of Productivity – we know everything about our networks, processes and technology, but little about our people. The human factors that drive productivity are also vital to success, and have been documented in psychology and neuroscience over the last 80 years. Attendees can consider this their first “operator’s manual” for running the “human infrastructure”.

Presentation Abstract

IT project failure remains an enormous problem for our industry, even though over sixty years have passed since the first large, modern software development program (OS 360) encountered trouble.  In the October 2012 issue of the McKinsey Quarterly, McKinsey revealed their study of 1400 programs over $15 million dollars, which astonishingly showed that 17% of these actually put the parent companies at risk.  No other industry has ever suffered such a persistent record of failure, in spite of trillions of dollars of investment and practice.  How could this be?  In his book Transforming IT Culture, Frank outlines how we got here, and what leaders in IT can do to create departments where the professionals, and projects, both flourish.

In this presentation, Frank will share what he discovered after leading five turnaround transformations across companies and industries.  Although IT is quick to be blamed, IT failure remains, in fact, a failure of our industrial leadership paradigm.  It is difficult for IT to succeed in traditional corporations, where management is taught that people are interchangeable parts, and the process and technology are what matters.  As the author will show, based on his extensive research, this orientation is a legacy of the industrial era, where machines mattered, and workers were dehumanized on moving assembly lines, where they were viewed as an expense, not an asset –  an interchangeable part by design.   Unfortunately, this has created a destructive blind spot: the human factors that drive productivity, and IT success, are unseen, waiting to be tapped by companies that want to create competitive advantage.

Attendees will learn why culture is a critical driver of collaborative success, and how they can design one that unlocks productivity and cross-functional collaboration, division-wide.  In addition, they will be introduced to the human factors of productivity.  Here, the speaker will share the servant leadership practices he successfully refined across companies, and will show the psychology and neuroscience that underpin them.  Interestingly, talent remains the single largest operating expense in IT, so leaders who develop expertise in the human factors will be able to unlock vast pools of untapped human potential.

Speaker Bio

Frank Wander is a former turnaround CIO, author and CEO of PeopleProductive®, a next generation human capital management company.  PeopleProductive’s on-demand software enables companies to methodically improve the productivity of their workforce by increasing the levels of both employee engagement and enablement, and linking these improvements to key business metrics.

Prior to PeopleProductive, Frank was a turnaround CIO at three different companies, most recently Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, as well as the President of during the .com era.  Early on, he developed a knack for transforming organizations and spent many years turning around failing IT divisions across corporations.  After his third turnaround, Wander realized failure had a consistent root cause: corporate cultures where the leaders knew everything about products, processes and technology, but very little about the human factors that underpin workforce productivity, innovation and bottom line.  As a biology major that was always intensely interested in the human side of business, Wander witnessed how powerful human understanding was when it was methodically applied in the workplace.  Frank was deeply moved by this knowledge gap, and founded PeopleProductive in order to create solutions that enable companies, and the people that work for them, to flourish together.

Frank is on the Board of Directors of ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company and is also a member of the Rider University HR Curriculum Committee.  He lives in Hillsborough, New Jersey, with his wife Laura, and they have three great boys who have successfully entered the business world.