SIM Women delivers great career advice at Boston CIO Forum

Submitted by Lori Seuch, MEFA (Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority)
SIM Boston’s SIM Women program was proud to sponsor Lisa Prior, Author of Take Charge of your VIEW: Career Advice You Won’t Get From Your Boss, who led participants in an interactive energized session held during the Boston CIO Forum on 3/20/18.
By telling the story of “Maria”, attendees were able to visualize how statistics show that 70% of current workforces are disgruntled and not working to capacity.
Lisa worked through an exercise where she asked participants to reflect on the following four questions:
1. What is something you want for your career (or personal life) in the next one to three years (Vision)
2. When are you your Best Self at work (Insight)
3. What is something you can do right now to bring more meaning or flow to your work (Engagement)
4. What is something you want to do but are shying away from (Will).
Lisa had the group working with descriptive cards with words like “composed, emotionally intelligent, problem-solver” to extract the 16 that best described the individual and then for participants to share that information with someone else in the room to create dialogue.  Her use of personal stories, the story of “Maria” and the stories from the participants themselves made for a very quick 45 minutes that left those in attendance wanting more of Lisa’s time and expertise.

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~ Lori Seuch, Chief Information Officer, MEFA (Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority)