Member Career Development (MCD) Webinar held on the topic of Karma

Submitted by Sue Bergamo, Episerver

During the recent Member in Career Development (MCD) webinar held on April 12th, Tom Welke, VP and Partner, RSM Solutions, Inc. discussed how karma plays a role in a job search and explained how each person’s network has individuals within it that have found a way to give back to someone else. In that way, karma promises to give back to each person what they have given to it.

The SIM MCD program offers our members access to career resources, as another way to help in growing and shaping their careers. Our membership exists of individuals that are in transition, planning a transition or still employed and are looking for a group that offers career advice and counsel.

For more info about our Member Career Development meetings and program, please contact Sue Bergamo or Eric Bloom, our Member Career Development (MCD) Co-Chairs for 2018.

~ Sue Bergamo, Episerver