A lively discussion about digital transformation occurred at the recent gathering of the Technology Leadership Roundtable

Submitted by John Geary, Technology Leadership Roundtable Co-Chair, SIM Boston


Digital transformation is business strategy enabled by technology says John McAuliffe, Executive Director of Digital Transformation at the New England Journal of Medicine, who led a lively discussion on the topic at the most recent SIM Boston Technology Leadership Roundtable held at Babson College on March 1st.

Mr. McAuliffe suggested that the evolution from traditional to transformed technologies must occur along two axes: operational efficiency and customer experience.  While operational efficiency has always been a strategic objective of technology and business leaders, he notes that customer expectations have now risen to equal or greater prominence and that meeting these expectations requires seeing your company’s value proposition from new perspectives.  Mr. McAuliffe himself is in the midst of undertaking a digital transformation initiative of his own at the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, a traditionally risk-averse print-format publication, which he joined four months ago.

Joining Mr. McAuliffe were 18 Boston-area technology leaders from industries that included publishing, retail, higher education, healthcare, analytics and technology services, who each brought diverse perspectives about digital transformation and how it fits into their organizations.  Over the course of the evening, the group covered how to define digital transformation and measure success; how to engage executives and align with overall strategy; and how to overcome cultural and organizational barriers.

The Technology Leadership Roundtable is held four times per year covering current topics of interest among SIMBoston members.  In addition to Digital Transformation, recent topics have included IBM Watson and Artificial Intelligence, Rationalizing the Tension Between User Experience and Technology, DevOps: Optimizing the Value of Delivery, and Leadership in the Digital Age.

For more info about this program, please contact John Geary or Steve Novick, Co-Chairs for 2018.