Year Up Providence – Class 25 Graduates!

Submitted by Kate Carroll, Marketing and Communications Manager, SIM Boston

On Wednesday, January 31st I had the wonderful privilege to witness 79 talented young adults walk across the Year Up Providence graduation stage.  More than half of the class has already received job offers…

Here is an excerpt from graduate Eric Ramirez’s speech:

“A year ago, I came home around 2am after working a late-night shift and looked at myself in the mirror in the bathroom. Face full of sweat, eyes filled with tears. Tears of pure disappointment. At 24 years old, living paycheck to paycheck. This not what I envisioned when I graduated high school years ago…

This morning, as I was getting ready for graduation, I looked at myself in the same bathroom mirror I was staring at a year ago. There was still sweat, but that’s because I had to get ready to speak in front of 700 people in a couple of hours. And there were still tears. But they were not tears of disappointment. They were tears of joy.”

~    Eric Ramirez, Keynote Speaker, Class 25 Graduate

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