Happy New Year SIM!

Submitted by Susan Kifer, 2018 President, SIM Boston

Dear SIM members and friends,

As we kick off the new year, let’s first give thanks to our past President James Bowen for his outstanding year of service in 2017.  His leadership and dedication was evident in all he did for SIM Boston in our 40th anniversary year!  Also, special thanks must be given to our Treasurer Greg Bosworth and Secretary Amanda Moore in 2017 for their great contributions and to all of our volunteer program co-chairs and trustees for the energy and commitment they bring to our Board and to the greater SIM organization.
Together, we have provided 40+ in person opportunities for over 600 IT professionals to build networks and share learning, helped members advance their careers and successfully transition to new positions, and supplied the platform for members to spread hard gained insights and wisdom from the trenches.
Thanks to the support of all of our members and sponsors, SIM Boston has been able to contribute over $51,000 to our outreach partners to help grow the next generation of IT talent. Our outreach partners include Boston Public Schools, Year Up Boston, Year Up Providence, Jr. Tech and Latino Stem. I encourage you to learn more about each of them this year – giving back to the local IT community is at the core of what we do at SIM Boston and why we do it!
The 2018 SIM Boston Executive Committee includes Amanda Moore as Vice President, Jim Martin as Secretary and Greg Bosworth as Treasurer.  I’m delighted and honored to be a part of this team of professionals who share my passion for SIM and for our outreach programs.
Our focus for 2018 is building upon our existing programs and events using a framework that has evolved from our Leadership Summit success.  Our goal is to enhance the quality and relevance of our programs and bring more value to our members.  As an organization, we strive to be agents of change and leaders who share ideas that challenge each other to use technology effectively.  It is our hope to offer even better opportunities in the coming year for member engagement, networking and learning together through a variety of excellent programs and events made available to you, our SIM members.  I encourage you to volunteer for one of our many chapter committees and have a direct impact on the future of our organization and IT leadership in general.
It has been a pleasure to work with you in the role of Vice President this past year and I look forward to a successful new year serving as President of this wonderful organization! Please feel free to reach out to me at any time at skifer@simondsint.com.
Susan Kifer
2018 President
SIM Boston