Annual Winter Gala celebration held on December 7th

Submitted by Dennis Ravenelle, Marketing Co-Chair, SIM Boston

On Thursday, December 7th, SIM Boston Members closed out 2017 and 40 years of connecting the area’s IT Leaders with a glorious gala celebration at the beautiful Dane Estate, on the campus of Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill. Outgoing President James Bowen offered the traditional Champagne toast with the following words:  “For those who have served our chapter, we thank you for making it the success it is today; For those who might serve in the future, we’re excited about the possibilities; And to our members and sponsors, thank you for being part of our family and celebrating our 40th anniversary! CHEERS!!”

Membership Co-Chair and SIM Boston evangelist Dan Diachenko was recognized for his many contributions to the Chapter with the annual Chapter Member Impact Award. Wonderful food and refreshments, along with the lovely seasonal decorations, adorned the evening, which culminated in a captivating discussion led by futurist, trainer and professor Christina “CK” Kerley, whose presentation “Dominate 2018” highlighted the fact that the technological advances of the 21st Century require that we look well beyond the old boundaries to recognize our customers, partners and competitors in the areas of “Assistive Intelligence” (rather than Artificial Intelligence), cobots, and IoT and the application of those technologies.

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