Successful joint event with Boston CIO Roundtable and SIM Silver held on November 29th

Submitted by James Bowen, President, SIM Boston

I was honored to attend the SIM Boston CIO Roundtable held on Wednesday, November 29th at Babson College.

About 10 years ago, this Roundtable invited Dave Corbett to speak after publishing a book called, Portfolio Life, The New Path to Work, Purpose and Passion after 50.  The talk was incredibly well received and inspired a few of the CIOs near retirement to start the SIM Silver program that now meets regularly as part of SIM Boston. The SIM Silver Facilitators, Les Ball and Brad Sweet, and Boston CIO Roundtable Facilitators, Frank Wiggins and Matt Nerney, decided to host a joint event around this topic.

It was a great a panel discussion moderated by Stephen Hall on CIO Transitions (not just retirement) with panelists;

  • Dave Corbett– author of Portfolio Life, The New Path to Work, Purpose and Passion after 50
  • Sam Pease– an expert in coaching executives through career transitions
  • Mark Weinstein– a former CIO turned fractional CIO

A special thanks to the four facilitators for their leadership and contribution in making these programs the success they are today!

Photo from left to right:

James Bowen, SIM Boston Chapter President and COO/CIO, Measured Progress;  Sam Pease, Principal, Talentnav Associates, LLC;  Dave Corbett, Author, “Portfolio Like – The New Path to Work, Purpose and Passion After 50”; Mark Weinstein, Fractional CIO; Partner, TPP Global Services


For more information about our CIO Roundtables, please contact the following;

For SIM Silver, please contact Les Ball or Brad Sweet

For SIM Membership, please contact Dan Diachenko or Craig Holbrook