Insightful lessons learned at the SIM Women meeting held on November 2nd

Submitted by Kate Carroll, Chapter Marketing and Communications Manager, SIM Boston

On Thursday, November 2nd, the SIM Women meeting took place at Bay Colony Place in Waltham. Enna Jimenez, President of ALPFA Boston and a QA employee of Eastern Bank, discussed Women in IT, sharing tips she’s picked up along the way as she navigated the path into a successful Quality Assurance career. The group of 16 attendees, comprised of 13 women and three men, heard a powerful presentation by Enna as she provided her personal account of lessons learned on building relationships, leadership and balancing work and family.

Key takeaways from the meeting included how you must take control of your career, advocate for yourself, network, make connections and how success comes when you’re passionate about what you’re doing. To quote Enna from that evening, “You do the talking, drive the message.”

For more information on this program, please contact the SIM Women Co-Facilitators Bonnie Souza and Lori Seuch.