March Monthly Meeting Recap

At our April program, Mike Festa, Director of Wayfair Next and Boston Chapter President of AR/VR Association and Jim Martin, CIO at Shepley Bulfinch brought AR and VR systems for attendees to experience. This was followed by an overview of state of the practice for AR/VR technology and how organizations are using it to address business needs. With that context, attendees participated in a very lively and engaged table top exercise, brainstorming and sharing how their organizations might leverage this technology.

The list of brainstorming ideas included:

Group 1

  • Staffing – VR – Candidates can see & Visualize environment when applying
  • Education – Prospective students can experience the environment /classes / city
  • Education – VR Classes / In Class w/o having to be on site -> VR Meetings
  • Fitness – VR – Spin – See the routes or the trails
  • Fitness – Marathon runner / Prison?
  • Fitness – AR Boxing where to hit the bag
  • Health care – Dermatology diagnostics

Group 2

  • CRM – AR Scan room, overlay with account information identify high worth individuals
  • Real estate – overlay where you’re driving in a town
  • Casino – Walk people to their services (restaurant, Game type, show, etc)
  • Push advertising based on a property’s features
  • Airports – “beacons”
  • Employee Engagement – Tracking employee movements
  • Health care – appt guidance
  • Pre-exam w/; VR headset (eye doctor)
  • Medical device / instrument training (Surgical / Hemo)
  • Colleges – VR tours to safe travel costs / trips
  • Auto-shop / parts – show customers where issue is
  • UPS – Heads-up display to show over lay for driver w/ risky driving
  • Drivers Ed – Mandatory VR training for drivers who create an accident texting / driving to show consequences
  • Golf – Real time lessons to provide corrective actions.

Group 3

  • Casino – Push ads to people to venture to a restaurant w/ promo code
  • Casino – Send people to slot machines or games they like
  • Casino – Beacon technology
  • Casino – Maps to guide you to your destination
  • Water cooler traffic – identifying when there’s a lack in workforce productivity
  • Hospital – Doctor being late , sounds alert to do something to kill time
  • Hospital – Halo lens to start pre-check procedures
  • Driving – Heads up to identify at risk drivers so that you can avoid them
  • Drivers Ed – Simulation an accident when texting.

Group 4

  • Education: Science Classroom – Virtual Labs
  • Education: Student awareness tool for teachers
  • Education: Look around the room and ‘see’ info re: students, info from database or AI awareness of “abnormal” behaviors in room
  • Education: Teachers teach in VR space to determine effectiveness of space (architectural design)
  • Education: Field trips, compressed time frame
  • Architecture / Set Design
  • Sports – Medicine, Performance

Group 5

  • Climate change & external weather images of people property
  • Health care – Delivery process work-flow maximum efficiency
  • Appreciate risk from low probability events (flooding, climate change) more tangible visual impact / more likely to take seriously.
  • Risk vs confidence on financial investment strategy / fortitude

Group 6

  • Science / Lab applications – Getting inside a molecule at the atomic level.
  • Process design and work-flow
  • Manufacturing Engineering – robotic work-flow design virtual walk-through to validate the design
  • Healthcare

Group 7

  • Augmented reality for retail
  • Personalized pricing
  • Lego store – Image of product
  • Predictive analytics in trading for financial services
  • Education – Virtual Classroom
  • Games – Simulation
  • Simulating disasters for contingency planning
  • Collaboration at a distance

Group 8

  • Real estate house virtual tours – see your current furniture in your next house.
  • House construction / design – AR interior paint – Landscaping
  • Military / police / fire dept – Training, practice, simulations
  • Data Visualization – Customer analysis, problem analysis
  • Consistent quality training for technicians
  • Interior navigation – Mall, corporate campus (for new employees and Interviewees)
  • Long distance office tours (Skype AR)
  • How to Videos
  • Clothes on yourself (magic mirror)
  • Shopping for more and more things
  • Subway systems

Group 9

  • Appalachian Club – Remote recreation
  • Trails, Cabins, Hiking, Camping
  • Research on climate
  • Getting folks outdoors
  • Trail maintenance
  • Urban programs
  • Embracing technology to share experiences
  • Dark sky  preservation
  • Shared simulation, multi-participants
  • Educational learning – Use VR for learning, experience the problems and gain muscle memory
  • AR – Overlay a trail map while on the trail
  • VR to experience what it might be like to go on a particular trail
  • Safety simulations how to respond in different wilderness first aid scenarios
  • Getting familiar with the different facilities & gear, setting up tents.