2016 SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit – Focus on Innovation

Almost 400 people were in attendance at the September 29, 2016 SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit. The event kicked off with a fascinating presentation by the New Balance President & CEO, Rob Demartini, and senior leadership from his IT and Customer Experience teams, Ravi Shankavaram and Chris Ladd. Anytime an executive takes the stage in matching red sneakers and pocket square, you can expect an interesting and engaging presentation. Rob and his team did not disappoint. They gave attendees a ...
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Tim Hebert’s Inspirational Story

At the Breakfast Meetup on Tuesday, September 20, 2016, attendees enjoyed an inspirational presentation by Tim Hebert, President and CIO at Atrion, Inc. Tim told the story of his challenging climb up Mt. Kilamanjaro. He had to do a lot of training to prepare himself and in the end he attributes his success, and that of his team, to purpose, vision, discipline, and pace. Now that he is back on sea-level, Tim has found that these qualities are necessary to ...
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SIM Boston Summer Networking

This summer, SIM Boston members came together to enjoy the beautiful weather, exchange ideas, and of course network! On August 17, 2016, members got together in a Super Suite at Gillette Stadium for a Special Summer Networking event. Over 45 IT practitioners and executives enjoyed a night of casual conversation and a tour of the under-belly of Gillette Stadium. A few highlights from the tour were walking through the press box, viewing the "time-out area" for over exuberant fans, ...
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