IBM Watson Executive to Keynote at 2017 Technology Leadership Summit

Derek Schoettle, General Manager, IBM Analytics Platform and Cloud Data Services, and former CEO of Cloudant, will be a keynote speaker at this year's SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit. Derek is responsible for IBM's portfolio of managed, cloud-based services for enterprise developers. He will share his wealth of knowledge and experience on Watson, AI, machine learning, and their impact on the enterprise. Join your fellow IT leaders along with Derek and the other great speakers at the Summit this year ...
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Sven explains the paradig shift

Providence CIO Roundtable Tackles Deep Machine Learning

Over 15 years ago, Stephen Spielberg's A. I. hit the box-office. Since then we've all come to accept that, to some small degree, Artificial Intelligence in computers does exist. Look at driverless cars, Watson playing Jeopardy, or Amazon's Echo. Computers that "learn" are all around us. That was the topic for last month's Providence CIO roundtable presentation by Sven Eberhardt, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Serre Lab, Brown University. Specifically, Sven presented on "Deep Machine Learning"; how programs are developed to ...
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logo-latino stem

Local Students Succeed with Robotics – Judges Needed

SIM Boston funds STEM programming support through our outreach partnership with Latino STEM Alliance. Its programs integrates robotics and STEM programming into after-school and summer programs serving over 230 students at 14 schools and 2 community centers in the Greater Boston and Lawrence communities. In addition to exposing students to STEM, this program also helps students develop teamwork, problem solving, communication and leadership skills. All this hard work will shine at the 6th annual robotics competition on Saturday, May 20th ...
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